Creative Craft Ideas For Adults

Recycled CD Coasters

You have a CD collection that has been collecting dust since the beginning of the new millennium, but you just can’t seem to part with it. We understand. The answer? Set out the Mod Podge and go to work on an upcycling project that will produce a set of unique, customized coasters while giving the outmoded new life.

Fluid Art Wall Hanging

Just in case you missed it, acrylic pouring is a quick and easy way to create the illusion of a flowing, marbled hue. This flowing, paint-on-canvas masterpiece is simple to create but difficult to look away from.

Diy Boho Planters

It turns out that all you need to transform plain terracotta pots into boho-chic accent pieces for all your indoor plants is a little fabric ribbon and hot glue, which is excellent news for anyone looking for a ridiculously simple craft that is definitely worth keeping.

Mason Jar Photo Frame

Instead of being a square, insert a family photo into a cylinder. We adore the frosted appearance of these mason jar frames since it suggests that the traditional photo display will be spiced up with an antique effect for added visual intrigue. The best part is that all you really need to create the magic is some frosted paint, a marbling medium, and an empty jam jar.

Circus Animal Cookie Pillows

We’re all on board with the idea of turning everyone’s favorite childhood sweet treat—frosted and sprinkled animal crackers—into a throw pillow. For this do-it-yourself project, you’ll need felt, pom poms in a rainbow of colours, stuffing, a hot glue gun, and a sewing machine (or no-sew glue). The procedure is simple, and the finished product looks, well, delicious enough to eat.

Fabric Decorated Flowerpots

These chic flowerpots feature a sweet flamingo pattern, but you can spend more money for another one. In any case, this project promises to give any unremarkable terracotta pot a striking new appearance. What’s more, it only requires mod podge and fabric to put together. Easy as pie.

Epoxy Resin Jewelry

This epoxy resin jewellery is made from a variety of very entertaining materials, including glitter, confetti, and sprinkles (like the kind you put on an ice cream sundae). However, this project also needs some specialised tools, such as a heat gun or kitchen torch, and working with epoxy resin requires some skill. The unique wearable art that is produced, however, makes this craft well worth the effort once you have the hang of the process.

DIY Rainbow Tie-Dye Hammock

Simply purchase a plain white hammock from the store and begin this DIY tie-dye project for a transformation that will breathe new life into your leisure time routine. You’ll be able to enjoy this benefit as soon as the creative work is finished. No weaving skills are necessary to make an attractive (and decidedly happy-looking) hammock (read, completely dry).

DIY Folding Camp Stool

There is some light construction work that needs to be done with nails, screws, and the related tools, but you can probably jump right to sanding and leave the lumber sawing to the experts at your neighbourhood hardware shop. More good news: A placemat can be used as a sew-free replacement for the fabric seat if you measure your frame appropriately. In conclusion, this project requires quite a bit of manual labour, but the payoff—Ikat-printed eye delight and a relaxing setting—is well worth the trouble.

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